Our Objectives

Our main objective is to help you with your staffing needs, such as illness, peak load periods, vacations, pregnancy leaves, as well as to help you find regular full-time personnel. We do the advertising, interviewing, paperwork and bookkeeping. Our employees are carefully screened and certification checked. A comprehensive skill record is maintained for each employee.

We are willing to find you someone on short notice and will do our utmost to find you someone in an emergency. We function best however, if we have a few days or a week’s notice to find just the right qualified person for you if we do not have one on call.

When You Call Us

We need all the pertinent information about your requirements for the position. We check our files for the employee that best meets your requirements. Once they meet with your approval and you give us the okay, we call our employee back. Then we give them your address, what the job will consist of and the time to report to you. After confirmation by phone, we send new clients our service agreement to sign.

Please note that we require that our employees be placed for a four hour a day minimum, allowing for some exceptions.

We Will Help You Get Regular Full-Time Employees.

Call us before you advertise for permanent help. We can send you a qualified “Temp”, initialize an employee search for you. Our temp may be just the right person for your needs. If not, we will send you two or more pre-screened qualified persons to meet with your approval. This will give you an uninterrupted work flow in regards to the screening of prospective employees by phone, and interviewing volumes of applicants. With the job market so flooded with applicants, now more than ever you need to save precious time for the more important duties of your profession. Most professional people can ill afford to give up this work-filled time.

How To Sign Up For Our Services

We will have to mail or fax you a service Agreement. You will have to fill it out and return it to us at your earliest convenience. Once we receive it, you will be set up with an account as a Client. Then when the need arises we are just a phone call away. There is no cost to you to sign up with us.


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